Weight Management

You can & You will!

Weight management is a healthy approach but a long term process towards losing weight. Balancing a healthy diet and having a routine in proper exercise along with energy intake and uptake are all essential to managing weight. Controlling the overconsumption and under consumption of food are also important parts to consider when managing weight while also eating healthy as well. Weight management is not about losing weight quickly but rather is about losing weight in a safe but efficient way. There are a variety of ways that your weight can be managed without following fad diets or any quick weight loss program. Below are some ways to aid weight management naturally.

An increase of protein intake.

Having an increase in protein intake for your body is essential in weight management especially in the morning time during breakfast. Protein has a greater thermogenic effect which helps the body burn more calories.

Using a smaller plate.

The use of a smaller plate can definitely help with the consumption of smaller portions which would result in the consumption of lower calories overall.

Eating more soup.

Eating more soup can have a slightly significant effect on the energy intake of a meal. When eating a meal, a decrease of 20% energy is consumed if a soup is eaten before your meal.

Adding more vegetables to your meals.

Adding a balanced amount of vegetables to your diet can be beneficial to weight management because they are high in water content and fiber. Low calories are also what these vegetables consist of.

Eat more fiber.

Incorporating an abundant amount fiber in the form of different kinds of healthy foods into your diet can help because of their ability to promote the secretion of gut hormones, decreasing the absorption of macronutrients, and the inducing of satiety.


which is a spice used in a variety of dishes, has been proven to increase energy after meal ingestion. It can increase energy by 23% immediately after consuming it as well as cause an increase in satiety.

Regular exercise.

Having a regular exercise routine between 3-5 days every week can not only help with weight management but also aid in promoting a healthy lifestyle to live a longer, more health conscious life.

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