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Dr. Oscar M. Aguilar was born in El Paso, Texas and was raised in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico where he lived until he finished high school, after that he moved to Monterrey, Mexico where he was awarded a scholarship to attend The Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superior de Monterrey Medical School from where he graduated with Honors in 1994. After that he spent one year doing pulmonary research at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He then went ahead and did his Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at The University of Kansas in Kansas City, Kansas. He was the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions during these three years of training; The student voice outstanding teaching award, the Milton McGreevy award, the Marc Beck award who is given to the most compassionate resident and the Roy Edwards Jr. award to name a few. He then moved to Houston, Texas and at Baylor College of Medicine he trained in Cardiology or Cardiovascular diseases, Interventional cardiology and Nuclear cardiology. At Baylor College of Medicine he was the recipient of the “Clinical Excellence Award”.



No surgery done, only minimal adjustments to her lifestyle, supplementation and a good eating plan. She has lost 70 lbs in 2 years. From taking several diabetic meds, she is down to only one !!. She has very high energy and now is the regional senior Olympic champ in javelin throw!!! “I think Cardio Rx +” is the cause of my success”; she says. She feels better than ever and wants to lose 10 more lbs. Age is not an obstacle. Her husband can’t believe it.
Cathy Soto, 63 years old, Your Content Goes Here
Caryn Iverson, 55 yrs old, recently started one of our programs including healthy eating, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and right kind of exercise. Has lost 15 lbs, she is now on only one blood pressure drug (from two) that we hope to stop soon. Most importantly and in her own words:
“I feel absolutely great and my libido is fantastic!!”
Most importantly, her wellness laboratory panel is improving and she is enjoying feeling great.
Caryn Iverson, 55 yrs old
Mr. Carlos Loweree, 63 yr old man, with a very strong family history of heart disease. During today’s visit, we stopped metformin, the only drug he took for months for “metabolic syndrome”. Today, his labs showed, he no longer has that condition. All together he lost around 16 lbs but the major impact in his health is getting cute from this condition that is prevalent in around 67% of the people in the US. Metabolic syndrome is one of he main causes of heart disease. Health is a journey.
Carlos Loweree, 63 yr old, Your Content Goes Here
Mr. Oscar Perez, 81 Yrs old man who has a history of a pacemaker years back. Walks slowly with a cane. Had a poorly controlled diabetes type II and a weight of 207 lbs for many years. Few visits back I told him he needed to lose weight to improve his diabetes, I wanted him to get to 180 lbs. Today visit his weight is 180 lbs. He is no longer a diabetic and his primary care doctor had to stop his diabetes medication several weeks back. He confessed calling me crazy when I told him getting to 180 lbs was going to be easy. He says lasts time he was not even, 180 but 182 lbs was more than 40 years ago. Today I told him he will get to 170 lbs for the next visit with me. He thank me for believing on him more than he believes on himself. His BMI went from 33.4 to 28.1.
Oscar Perez, 81 Yrs old